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About Us

Founded in 2018, Woyo Postnatal Care Center is located in Kuala Lumpur, it is a “family style” three-storey end-lot super-link house.

Woyo Postnatal Care Center provides a comfortable and peaceful personal rest space for postpartum mother. The main purpose of Woyo Postnatal Care Center is the provide humane service and medicinal diet, which helping more mummies and emotionally after childbirth throughout the 28 days confinement period.
Woyo Kitchen uses fresh and nearly natural ingredients with maintains the principles of MSG-FREE, oyster sauce free, and less salt. The diet and soup therapy of TCM Principal Approach is proven to restore mom’s QI and Blood. In the 28th days of the postnatal period, mostly mummies stomach become smaller and their complexions and physical strength gradually increased.

Woyo Postnatal Care Center has a group of experienced, hardworking and professional Nanny for baby care service. Woyo Postnatal Care Center aim to make mummies felt relaxed and joyful during their confinement journey.